Quantum Sessions with Benji

Quantum Journeying

Quantum Journeying is a magical, paradigm shattering modality which completely redefines our concept of holistic-integrative healing.

Quantum Soul Discovery

For some, it can offer insight and a deep, soul satisfaction to know who we are and where we have come from at Soul level.

Reconnection to Home Stars

In this session Benji will re-establish a link to whichever homestar is calling. The individual after effect is impossible to predict.

Remedy of Light

This remedy, similar to a homeopathic approach, is a 4-7 minute transmission or an “energy broadcast” in the form of light language accompanied by a channeled source code or symbol specific to your topic.

The Call of the Light 1:1 Mentorship

The Remembrance is for the wayshowers and those that know, deep in every cell of their being that they are here to make a difference and are ready to step into their power more completely.

Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgeons possess a unique healing gift, enabling, through them, source consciousness to fully dissolve or extract cysts, tumors, calcium deposits, pus, energy blockages, and more from patients’ bodies.

Add-on Services

Quantum Animal Clearing

Through Quantum Animal Clearing we can venture into their akashic records, exploring their unique connection to you and identifying any compassionate attachments that might be impacting their overall sense of well-being.

Sacred Land Work and Space Clearing

Ben as a Land Guardian is gifted as a highly skilled Grid and Portal Light Worker with the codes to clear past, stagnant density as well as to upgrade sites to their full vibrational potential, realigned with the new galactic grid information systems.

Ben is a wonderful and caring person with a highly professional approach. I’ve had several healing sessions with him and have come out of each session feeling more relaxed and eased with myself before. He has also helped to revive some previous abilities within myself which had been dormant for a long time. If you feel out of balance, I would highly recommend him.

- Kayleigh F

“My experience is beyond words…it is pure frequency work on all levels, an expansion of light from the inside to the outside. A subtle divine hug that feels like a home from far away. Thank you from the depth of my heart. “

- Jasminka H

Meet Benji,
your multidimensional galactic channel, healer, teacher and spiritual re-volution guide

He is an instrument of Light from an ancient collective he’s currently only one of a few individuals incarnate capable of holding and directing such immense light spectrums. With his unique connection and teams on the otherside, Benji is currently in the process of bringing through an ever expanding number of different languages of light, divine source codes, ‘Unknown’ information and new frequency healing system technologies.