Ben is a multidimensional galactic channel, healer, teacher and spiritual re-volution guide. An instrument of Light from an ancient collective he’s currently only one of a few individuals incarnate capable of holding and directing such immense light spectrums. With his unique connection and teams on the otherside, Ben is currently in the process of bringing through an ever expanding number of different languages of light, divine source codes, ‘Unknown’ information and new frequency healing system technologies.

He has a profound calling to help. To see people grow, step out of density and into their full, innate potential. Uncovering the joyous magic of who they are authentically at Soul level.

Unknowingly, Ben spent his childhood fully enmeshed in and aware of multidimensional realities. As a result, he was less influenced by the psycho-social constructs around him. This allowed him to heighten his intuitive awareness of energetic frequencies and maintain Source connection. As you can imagine, this hyper-abillity to tune into to around 8800 different frequencies at once , manifested for Ben as a form of neuro-diversity, Autism. This has graced him with a beautiful humility and Ego/deception-less innocence which is refreshing in this neo-spiritual space.

Part of his contract for being involved in this current timeline included astral training experience on various space crafts across different galaxies and times. He has a wonderful, rich connection to the unseen realms and beings, too many to count or comprehend, are by his side offering full support. In the year 2021, Ben went through a series of rapid, intense and highly unusual activations as part of his awakening process. From experiencing multiple lifetimes at the same time, cycling through different versions of himself in a deja-vu style loop, breaking space-time continuum and waking up levitating are just a few incredible examples. While Ben is still evolving rapidly, thankfully for us, he has now been given a huge thumbs-up by his teams to spread and share his gifts with the world.

The beauty of this work is that no two sessions are ever the same. We are unique beings, in our gifts, our paths as well as in challenges we have chosen to overcome. Your journey will be directed by your Over Soul ( via Higher Self ) and your individual support teams (Guides, Star Nations ) with the intention of re-aligning you to your highest golden timeline. This can include clearing density in the form of trauma, illness, blocks/restrictions from this life, all past lives and ancestrally as well as activating dormant abilities and restoring connection to Soul-Self. From the moment you enquire, your information at both a human and intergalactic level will begin to flow through to Ben. However, as a free sovereign being, it is YOU who decides if there is something specific you wish to focus on first which will be discussed at the start of the session.

This is profound, deep work which will affect you on all layers of your reality; Physically, Emotionally, Psychologically, Spiritually, down to your Quantum DNA. When receiving a session it is important to know that there will be homework to go with it. This will help you to gently assimilate the changes and not overwhelm your system. This could be in the form of affirmations, meditations, Qi-gong, Tai-chi or breath-work for example. Your guide team will let Ben know what exercises are most aligned for you as well as any body support, supplement suggestions. Note* This is not a quick fix and can be challenging during the re-orientation, integration process. Remember to be gentle, kind and patient with yourself. You are safe, loved and divinely supported.

Your Quantum Universal Soul Alignment Session

All sessions begin with a check in, where you are now in your life and if anything, specifically you wish to bring up. Ben, already tuned into your Quantum Soul Self will bring through any information and guidance that your teams wish for you to know at this time on your path. There will be an element of discovery involved, in many cases you will also receive a unique source code symbol, relevant to you now that will activate and help your healing journey.

After the initial introduction, we begin. It is highly recommended to be somewhere peaceful where you feel comfortable and can completely switch off. Once you are ready to receive, Ben as the instrument of light will do what he does best. While he does offer universally recognised sessions, for example; Soul Retrieval, Radiesthia, Animal healing, land clearing, Reconnection, Quantum Hypnosis, Past life regression, Akashic clearing realignment, DNA activation etcetc, what Ben does is unique. He has access to 97.3% of all known modalities along with his own creation Quantum Erasmus System.

Your session is curated for YOU, by YOU and that cannot be named.

Most often this will include a variety of light languages, frequencies and activations. You may feel buzzing, strange sensations, visuals, changes in temperature or nothing at all, all is perfect for you. Once done, it is important for you to rest, hydrate more than usual and follow the homework. A session can last between an hour to an hour and a half depending on your needs. This will be recorded so that you can listen back, when called. Often, due to the magnitude of frequencies shared, the body will select and prioritise so as not to overwhelm. A second listen will deepen the assimilation. You will know what is right for you.

Ben has an ongoing collaboration with a revolutionary Quantum Technology healing group in Canada. So, all healing sessions with Ben include their technology along with a unique audio frequency known as your ´Soul Tones´, which will be taken and processed from a sample of your voice prior to the session. These tones are a “Customised soundtrack from the voice which helps to shift the frequency of our root pain patterns” and will be yours to keep and continue working with.

I wasn't sure if QLLH would help me as I'd been feeling quite down for a few weeks. I feel asleep during the session and when I woke up, it felt like there was a subtle change in my perspective and I could see a way out of my negative thinking habits that I was stuck in. I still don't understand exactly why happened but I feel like I've been changed in a positive way. I'm looking forward to my next session.

- George M -

Ben is a wonderful and caring person with a highly professional approach. I've had several healing sessions with him and have come out of each session feeling more relaxed and eased with myself before. He has also helped to revive some previous abilities within myself which had been dormant for a long time. If you feel out of balance, I would highly recommend him.

- Kayleigh F-

Ben is a wonderful and caring person with a highly professional approach. I've had several healing sessions with him and have come out of each session feeling more relaxed and eased with myself before. He has also helped to revive some previous abilities within myself which had been dormant for a long time. If you feel out of balance, I would highly recommend him.

- Kayleigh F-

"Ben is an incredible healer and confident, channel and being. His compassion is so deep, I instantly felt at ease, and felt like I’d come home.

I cannot recommend working with Ben highly enough. Earth is lucky to have him."

- Caroline M-

"Ben and I met in Plata del Carmen Mexico and I was able to connect with his healing in several practices, I consider him my teacher and an energetic guide because if his heart is pure and his wisdom is infinite. The journey that connects with Ben, can you gently trust your healing"

- Ashley J-

"Everything Ben does is mesmerizing. It has opened me doors to new concepts of the world. We have had several energy healing sessions that have helped me tremendously. I appreciate a lot that Ben is open to help when you need it. He's truly a Master."

- Tereza B -

"I had a Past Life Regression session with Ben today. He was awesome to talk to, i learnt so much and it was overall very insightful. I have no doubt that i will return to him in the future."

- Fern Y -

"Im not going to lie - i´ve been working in these fields for many years and have never come across the abilities of this man. With such compassion and humility too - be warned, this will turbo charge your development !! Truly remarkable "

- Amelia H -

"I cannot recommend Ben enough. He has helped me heal and transform so quickly on so many levels. He is so kind and compassionate and the most incredible healer. He has taken SO much trauma away in such a short space of time and eliminated the need for me to have traditional therapies.

He's awakened the most insane abilities within myself I didn't know I had and I can't believe healing can be this easy!

In my sessions I was able to ask Ben absolutely ANYTHING in the world and he always knew the answer. He is so pychic and spot on!

My life has catapulted so much since I started having sessions and honestly never knew healing could be as easy as it is with Ben."

- Michele V-

" My experience is beyond is pure frequency work on all levels, an expansion of light from the inside to the outside. A subtle divine hug that feels like a home from far away. Thank you from the depth of my heart. "

- Jasminka H -

Ben came highly recommended to me by a trusted close friend as a Quantum Healer who had a unique ability/gift to assist with clearing traumas and blockages from present and past lives. I took the advice and booked a few sessions with Ben. All sessions were very successful and quite remarkable, each one built up from the prior, so I never felt strange or overwhelmed by the healing taking place within me. Overall, I felt an extreme positive change in my body, mind, and spirit. I released much from my subconscious and gained a renewed energy which allowed for more clarity, sense of purpose, and meaning in my life plus I received answers to important questions that were blocking my progress and holding me back from my full potential in this incarnation. Ben is a magnificent, powerful, and intuitive Healer. He has an excellent connection with Divine Spirit and a command of Light Languages that allows him to connect you to Higher Realms for your optimal Healing.

-Susan G-