About Benji

A multidimensional galactic channel, healer, teacher and spiritual re-volution guide. An instrument of Light from an ancient collective, he’s currently one of a few individuals incarnate capable of holding and directing such immense light spectrums. With his unique connection and teams on the otherside, Benji is in the process of bringing through an ever expanding number of different languages of light, divine source codes, ‘Unknown’ information and new frequency healing system technologies.

Unknowingly, Benji spent his childhood fully enmeshed in and aware of multidimensional realities. As a result, he was less influenced by the psycho-social constructs around him. This allowed him to heighten his intuitive awareness of energetic frequencies and maintain Source connection. As you can imagine, this hyper-abillity to tune into to around 8800 different frequencies at once, manifested for Benji as a form of neuro-diversity, Autism. This has graced him with a beautiful humility and Ego/deception-less innocence.

Part of his contract for being involved in this current timeline included astral training experience on various space crafts across different galaxies and times. He has a wonderful, rich connection to the unseen realms and beings, too many to count or comprehend, are by his side offering full support. In the year 2021, Benji went through a series of rapid, intense and highly unusual activations as part of his awakening process. From experiencing multiple lifetimes at the same time, cycling through different versions of himself in a deja-vu style loop, breaking space-time continuum and waking up levitating are just a few. While Benji is still evolving rapidly, he has now been given a huge thumbs-up by his teams to spread and share his gifts with the world.

“Everything Ben does is mesmerizing. It has opened me doors to new concepts of the world. We have had several energy healing sessions that have helped me tremendously. I appreciate a lot that Ben is open to help when you need it. He’s truly a Master.”

- Tereza B

“I’m not going to lie – I’ve been working in these fields for many years and have never come across the abilities of this man. With such compassion and humility too – be warned, this will turbo charge your development!! Truly remarkable.”

- Amelia H