Your Child thanks you.

In this meditation you will go on a deep journey into aspects of your childhood. It isn’t uncommon for topics to come up that you may already have worked on at some level yet the quantum energetics here allow for a more extensive exploration, clearing and completion. If this happens, don’t feel shame or frustration. Simply, this meditation works by obtaining the permission and active co-operation of the Ego. Usually the Ego will only allow us to go so far, as a form of protection.

We wish you a wonderful journey towards deeper wholeness and harmony within your childhood template.

If anything arises that you wish to receive support with please reach out to Benji directly at

Ben is a wonderful and caring person with a highly professional approach. I’ve had several healing sessions with him and have come out of each session feeling more relaxed and eased with myself before. He has also helped to revive some previous abilities within myself which had been dormant for a long time. If you feel out of balance, I would highly recommend him.

- Kayleigh F

I wasn’t sure if QLLH would help me as I’d been feeling quite down for a few weeks. I feel asleep during the session and when I woke up, it felt like there was a subtle change in my perspective and I could see a way out of my negative thinking habits that I was stuck in. I still don’t understand exactly why happened but I feel like I’ve been changed in a positive way. I’m looking forward to my next session.

I cannot recommend working with Ben highly enough. Earth is lucky to have him.

- George M

Meet Benji,
your multidimensional galactic channel, healer, teacher and spiritual re-volution guide

He is an instrument of Light from an ancient collective he’s currently only one of a few individuals incarnate capable of holding and directing such immense light spectrums. With his unique connection and teams on the otherside, Benji is currently in the process of bringing through an ever expanding number of different languages of light, divine source codes, ‘Unknown’ information and new frequency healing system technologies.